Activity Weekend 26 and 27 June

There will not be a club session this Saturday 26 June, as we are hosting the Activity Weekend. Please come along and join in the fun!


Note: the times given here are on-piste times, i.e. when actual fencing is going to commence. Please arrive, register and prepare 30 minutes before these times.

Saturday 12pm – 5pm

12:30pm Under 13 Foil – WAFA
2:00pm Team Epee – Excalibur
2:00pm Team Sabre – Excalibur

Sunday 9am – 5pm

9:30am Under 15 Foil –WAFA
10:00am 3 Weapon Team – Excalibur. Fence all 3 weapons in 3 person teams, order of weapons draw randomly before event once fencer order has been determined.
12:00pm Sausage Sizzle Lunch (vegetarian option available) – gold coin donation.
Fencing demonstration
1:00pm Under 20 Foil – WAFA
1:30pm Over 30s – Excalibur. Weapons to be determined on the day based on numbers.

Important safety note: long trousers or breeches/long socks are required. Please do not turn up in shorts and expect to fence!

The WAFA events can be entered on the day, but I please let Jon know if you want to enter the Excalibur events so we can gauge the numbers and determine if an event is to be held.

We also would like some help with running the events, and that includes Mums and Dads. As well as the fencing and lunch, we have the following attractions:

Sword Raffle
$2 a ticket will be drawn Sunday afternoon.

Bring your old gear for sale. Attach an envelope with your name and price of the item. At the end you will either get your item back or your envelope with the money.

Weapons Check & Maintenance – George Osgood
Get your weapons and gear checked before Cadets. Learn how to maintain your weapons and gear.

New Equipment Sales
Anyone with new equipment for sale is invited to set up a stall.

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