Excalibur – Australian Sabre Club Team Champions!

At the recent Australian Fencing Circuit 3 event held at Kingsway Stadium, the stand-out performance by a WA team was the Excalibur A team’s win over a very strong University of NSW team in the Australian Sabre Club Team Championships. For Sutherlan Scudds, it was his second gold of the day, following his victory in the open sabre event. The Excalibur B men’s team and the Excalibur women’s each also made it to the podium with a 3rd placing, in both cases finishing above all other WA teams.

Excalibur A

All Excalibur Results

Full results can be found here.

Open Men’s Sabre – 1 Sutherlan Scudds, 3 Zak Leonhard, 7 Andrew Scott, 10 Hamish Graham, 13 Steve Johnson, 15 Jadryn Dick, 25 Paul Jewell, 27 Richie Kuhaupt
Open Women’s Sabre – 3 Lisa Blyth, 8 Abi Lee, 14 Tori Leonhard
Veteran Men’s Sabre – 2 Steve Johnson, 3 Paul Jewell, 5 Richie Kuhaupt, 6 Gary Sudran (1 in 60+)
Men’s Team Sabre – 1 Excalibur A (Sutherlan Scudds, Zak Leonhard, Andrew Scott, Hamish Graham), 3 Excalibur B (Steve Johnson, Jadryn Dick, Paul Jewell, Gary Sudran)
Women’s Team Sabre – 3 Excalibur (Lisa Blyth, Abi Lee, Tori Leonhard)

Open Men’s Foil – 30 Steve Johnson, 31 Luke Mitchell, 33 Jay English
Open Women’s Foil – 14 Kate Duff, 20 Gabrielle Sumich
Veteran Mixed Foil – 6 Steve Johnson
Men’s Team Foil – 5 Excalibur (Luke Mitchell, Jay English, Zak Leonhard)
Women’s Team Foil – 4 Excalibur (Kate Duff, Gabrielle Sumich, Abi Lee)

Open Men’s Epee – 54 Gary Sudran, 56 Simon Shook
Veteran Men’s Epee – 7 Steve Johnson, 13 Richie Kuhaupt, 16 Gary Sudran

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