Financial Support for Young Excalibur Fencers

Excalibur Community Fencing Club, in conjunction with Progressive Home Tutors, has developed a sponsorship fund to provide financial support to Excalibur Junior and Cadet Fencers who wish to enter National fencing competitions. The sponsorship will apply to National Cadet and National Junior Championships as well as some National Senior events that Junior and Cadet Fencers enter.

Our starting point will be the National Cadet Championships in Sydney this July, where we will reimburse $300 of the expenses of each Excalibur member who participates. For the National Junior Championships in Perth in October 2013, the support is $100 for each Excalibur participating Fencer. Finally for 2013, those Juniors and Cadets taking part in the National Senior Championships in Canberra in December 2013 will receive support of $300 each.

The club wants to provide as much opportunity as possible to help young fencers into higher level competition and to encourage them to continue. It is expected that this program will continue into 2014 where we may be able to expand the support to include more National Senior Tournaments.

For more details speak with Richie or Gary.

Progressive Home Tutors

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