FencingWA Ranking Survey

With the reduced number of events in the WA calendar next year particularly for younger fencers, the rankings system needed changes in order to work well. A set of ranking mechanisms has been developed to deal with these new circumstances, and to introduce more consistency between the various tables where possible and appropriate. Please provide your opinion on these proposed changes.

Note that it is your opinion of the various rankings systems that is sought (assuming that we have a reduced-event calendar in 2014), not your opinion on the reduction in number of events itself.

This survey closes on Monday 16 December, so you will need to respond in the next few days. Please pass on this link to anyone in the fencing community who you think should see it.


Edit: Many of the responses in the WA ranking survey are mixing up the concept of “given the ranking events in the 2014 calendar, what do you think of this ranking system?” (the question being asked) with “what do you think of the ranking events in the 2014 calendar?” (the question some of you apparently want to be asked). There is a new survey asking about the main contentious areas, the inclusion of FSI and the reduction in the number of events. For, against or neutral, please have a go at this one too.


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