Message from FencingWA

Just in case you didn’t receive the email, here is a message from FencingWA to start the year:

Dear all,

Happy new year and welcome to Fencing in Western Australia for 2014. This is just a quick note to remind you of some important fencing and competition related items of note:

1. Please remember to pay your affiliation fees using SportingPulse. To do so, visit our new web page at and click on the Payment button in the top right. Any problems, please e-mail me at wafaweb at yahoo dot com.

Note that all fencers should AFFILIATE ($30) to (a) be part of the FencingWA community, and (b) ensure that they are covered by the appropriate insurance, (c) participate in any FencingWA activities (including U13 events).

Those fencers who either (a) are competing in under 15 events or above in WA, or (b) wish to participate in any national event, should also pay their CAPITATION fee (which covers AFF Capitation).

2. Please note that a fee will be charged for competition entries this year, with the funds going back into raising the standards of competition and refereeing. The fee will be $5 per event for entries received on time (ie. by the Monday before competition) and $10 for entries made up to the Friday before the event. A late fee of $20 per event will be charged if competitors turn up on the day that have not entered properly. We are investigating alternative entry procedures, but until an alternative mechanism is confirmed, payments can be made using the usual SportingPulse payment portal. A confirmation e-mail should be sent using the competition registry page found under the competitions menu at

3. Please note that weapons testing will continue to apply in 2014. Non-compliant weapons (weight, gauge or overall functionality or safety) will not be allowed to be used in competition.

4. For all U13 foil and epee competitions FencingWA policy is that size 2 weapons should be used (there is some scope to use size 3 if provided by a club, to accommodate the transition but please do not purchase a size 3 weapon as this may not be acceptable in future).

5. Please check the FencingWA competition rule book which should be available at!downloads/c1xvs in the downloads section. Other FencingWA policies can also be found at this location.

6. Please also note that the FIE rules have been updated and are available from

7. Follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter (@FencingWA)

8. Finally, we need volunteers. In particular, the Association needs a secretary and/or someone to help with communications. This is an extremely important and rewarding job and is at the heart of what we do. If you are interested in helping out in this, or any, capacity, please contact me on wafaweb at yahoo dot com

Kind regards,

Ben Peden

President, FencingWA

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