Activity Day Sunday 25 October

Excalibur is hosting an Activity Day on Sunday 25 October at South Fremantle Senior High School Gym with the following novelty fencing events:


Sunday 15 September

9:30 Open doors
10:00 Epoil – fast and furious blend of foil and epee (electric foil equipment, no right of way, 3 points for on target hit, 1 point for off target, 1 minute to score 15 points)
12:00 Sausage Sizzle
12:30Game of Thrones – family or “family” teams of 3, all fencers fence all weapons (electric) – special trophy!
2:30 Sabre Doubles – 2 per team, 4 fencers on piste at once! (electric)

All fencers are welcome from all clubs. There are no entry fees, just contact Richie to let us know you are coming.

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