Entering Novice and Under 13 / Under 15 Events

The first Novice and Under 13 / Under 15 Events are happening soon and Excalibur encourages its new and young fencers to get involved!


Sat 12 Mar
9:00 Novice Epee
11:00 Novice Sabre
1:00 Novice Foil

Sat 19 Mar
8:30 Under 13 Epee (UWA)
10:30 Under 15 Epee (UWA)

Sat 2 Apr
9:00 Under 13 Foil
11:00 Under 15 Foil

Sun 3 Apr
9:00 Under 13 Sabre
11:00 Under 15 Sabre

The FencingWA calendar can be found here. An alternative format (spreadsheet) can be found here.

These events will all be held at Belmont City College except the U13/U15 epee, which will be held at UWA Fencing Club in Claremont.

How to Enter

Your first port of call is the FencingWA competition entry page (www.fencingwa.com > Competitions > competition entry).

The FencingWA guide to entering competitions can be found here. For those having trouble accessing it on Google Docs, there is a copy here.

First, make sure you are an affiliated member of FencingWA using this link. You need to do this even if you don’t enter competitions. If you intend to enter national events, you can also use this link to pay for AFF capitation.

If you are entering a Novice event, use this link to enter.

If you are entering an Under 13 event, use this link to enter.

If you are entering an Under 15 event, use this link to enter.

The cost of entry is $15 for 2016, with late entries at $30. The deadline for normal entries is 10 PM on the Sunday before the event, with late entries closing at 10 PM on the Wednesday before the event.

Make sure you turn up early and fully equipped for competition! Ask Andrew or another senior member of the club if you are unsure. A copy of the FencingWA Competition rules for 2016 can be found here.

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