Young Excalibur fencers excel in Sydney

Excalibur fencers formed a substantial part of the Western Australian team that attended the 2016 Australian Under 15 & Cadet Fencing Championships held in Sydney from 6 to 10 July and achieved some excellent results. Also in attendance were Andrew Scott and Steve Johnson as two of the three team coaches and Hugh McCrackan as Team Manager.

Here is the full list of results from Excalibur fencers. Medal performances are shown in bold.

U15 Girls’ Sabre – 3 Emma Johnson
U15 Girls’ Foil – 11 Emma Johnson
U15 Boys’ Sabre – 10 Estéban Hoarau, 17 Raphael McCrackan
U15 Girls’ Epee – 3 Emma Johnson
U15 Boys’ Sabre Teams – 2 WA (inc Estéban Hoarau, Raphael McCrackan)
Cadet Women’s Sabre – 9 Emma Johnson
Cadet Men’s Foil – 16 Tom Harvey
Cadet Women’s Epee – 7 Emma Johnson
Cadet Men’s Foil Teams – 5 WA (inc Tom Harvey)
Cadet Women’s Epee Teams – 3 WA (inc Emma Johnson)
Cadet Women’s Foil – 34 Emma Johnson
Cadet Women’s Foil Teams – 10 WA (inc Emma Johnson)
Cadet Men’s Sabre – 10 Alex Brown, 15 Estéban Hoarau, 21 Daniel Monaco, 33 Raphael McCrackan
Cadet Men’s Sabre Teams – 3 WA A (inc Alex Brown, Estéban Hoarau, Daniel Monaco), 6 WA B (inc Raphael McCrackan)

Congratulations to all our fencers for representing our state, upholding an excellent standard of behaviour and cheering each other on to maintain WA’s reputation as the state with the strongest team spirit.

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