Excalibur Community Fencing Club was formed in 2000 by a group of fencers in the South West metro area of Perth, Western Australia. We wanted to cater for a wider age range and a different spectrum of weapon preference than offered elsewhere. Excalibur is a very successful fencing club, with its fencers consistently winning more State Championships and medals at National level than any other club in Western Australia.

The club now meets four times a week during the school term and has members spanning the primary school to older adult age range. Though our members participate in state, national and international competitions, we value proficiency development over winning and operate a fencing proficiency award scheme.

We fence all three weapons, with an emphasis on sabre and foil. There is a steadily expanding group of women fencers, including juniors and masters.

Thanks to Healthway, we have developed separate junior and adult beginners’ classes, which begin at the start of each term. We welcome established fencers relocating from overseas or interstate, and encourage visiting fencers to make use of our training venues. We can also help with your equipment needs if you are trying out the sport for the first time.

Executive committee

President Ritchie Kuhaupt
Vice President Jon Allard
Secretary Leeanne Harvey
Treasurer Gary Sudran
Web Master Steve Johnson
WAFA representative Jake North-Hickey
Armourer Laz Leonhard
Membership Officer Leeanne Harvey

Coaching Panel

Sabre Stephen Lim, Frank Kocsis, Andrew Scott
Foil Stephen Lim, Jonathan Allard, Andrew Scott
Proficiency Award Jonathan Allard, Andrew Scott

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