Covid-19 Protocol

We are implementing a new policy to ensure the health and safety of our fencers as we see growing numbers of cases of COVID-19 in our state. To minimise the amount of equipment shared, whites will be borrowed on a term or annual basis for our members who have already paid their fees. We will be keeping track of when equipment is borrowed on this long-term basis. Please see our policy on COVID-19 for further information. If you have any questions about purchasing equipment, please speak to our club Armorer,  Jon Allard. 

Excalibur Community Fencing Club Covid-19 Policy

Excalibur Fencing Club has implemented a COVID-19 Policy in the interest of keeping their members safe. All club members, volunteers and visitors must comply with the COVID-19 Policy, or they will be asked to leave the gym until prepared to comply with the policy.


WA Government Implemented Restrictions

The club will follow all current restrictions as outlined by the WA Government. These include, but are not limited to:  Check in on arrival at the club (QR code or paper)

  • Mask requirements

  • Capacity restrictions

  • Distancing restrictions

  • Limiting or restricting spectators

The WA Government website should be used to find the current restrictions. Committee members and coaches will ensure that current restrictions are clarified for club members (via email, signage and/or verbally as required). Fencers are expected to wear their own mask (PPE) to training as required. The club is unable to provide masks to anyone at the club.


Attendance at the Club

People are not permitted to attend the club if they are required to isolate or feel unwell (see COVID-19 (coronavirus) (healthywa.wa.gov.au) for further information on symptoms). Hand sanitizer and soap will be available at the club and fencers are expected to clean their hands before and after training. All those entering the club are expected to sanitise or wash their hands with soap on entry and prior to leaving the club.

Personal Fencing Equipment

Strict equipment protocol will be enforced to ensure that equipment sharing is minimised and when necessary, cleaning practices are in place for any shared equipment. If you want to minimise the risk and avoid using any shared equipment, it is recommended that you purchase your own. Gear can be purchased or ordered through our club Armourer (Jon) or ordered online directly through the various equipment providers. A summary of the protocols for each piece of equipment is shown in this table and further explained in the following sections.

Use of Club Whites

All fencers are expected to wear their own or borrow a set of whites for the term / year. Whites include jacket, plastron and glove. Fencers who have paid their annual or term membership are permitted to borrow a set of whites for the duration of their membership. If the subsequent term fees have not been paid by the end of Week 2, fencers are to return their borrowed whites. All whites are to be returned at the end of the year.


When borrowing whites, fencers must have a committee member or coach record when they are taken or returned. Fencers may swap their borrowed whites, for example if something breaks or they are the incorrect size, but should let a coach or committee member know. If there is an issue with a piece of equipment highlight it to the committee who will organise for it to be fixed. Unfortunately, the club does not have an unlimited amount of equipment in all sizes and the gear will be leant on a first in best dressed basis. There are a very limited selection of gloves and fencers may prefer to purchase their own.


New fencers may borrow a set of whites for their first session (e.g. free trial session), which are to be returned at the end of the session to be washed by the club. Ensure these are placed in the washing basket to show that they are dirty.

Use of Club Breeches (Pants)

Club breeches may still be borrowed by members from the club for competitions. Fencers are expected to take them home after use and return them washed. When borrowing breeches fencers must have a coach or committee member record when they are taken or returned.

Use of Club Fencing Masks

Fencers are strongly encouraged to purchase their own mask as this piece of equipment is high risk for COVID-19 transmission. If a fencer does not have their own fencing mask, they may borrow one on a per-session basis. Fencers shall sanitise their mask with the provided. wipes/spray after use. When a fencer returns their sanitised mask at the end of a session, it is to be placed in the designed used pile to ensure it is not used again that day. The committee will sanitise it again on return and set it aside so it will not be used for 3 days.

Use of Club Weapons and Wires

Club fencing weapons and wires can be borrowed on a per-session basis and cannot be taken home. Fencers (or parents) are to sanitise their club weapon and wires with the provided wipes/spray after use. Body and mask wires are available for purchase at the club.

Use of Club Lames

Lames (conductive jacket) can be borrowed on a per-session basis and are to be returned after each use to a committee member or coach. When a fencer returns their lame at the end of a session, it is to be placed in the designed used pile to ensure it is not used again that day. Club lames are not to be taken home.

Fencing Bouts

At the end of bouts both fencers will stand on the “En Garde” Line (~4m apart) and salute, then bump elbows or swords. No handshakes, no other touching. Fencers to minimise the amount of time they are within close distance of each other (e.g. after a hit has been completed, immediately return to “En Garde” line). Referees are to also maintain social distancing from fencers during bouts.

Scoring Equipment

When conducting bouts with electrical scoring apparatus, sharing of equipment is unavoidable. Fencers shall sanitise the plug on the reel (the thing you plug into) and the remote after they have used an apparatus. When setting-up or packing-up the apparatus, fencers are to use their hand sanitiser prior to & after set/pack up.