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Fencing coaches are different from anyone else you encounter in competitive sports. The skills they teach you are complex with the sole focus on techniques for fencing. The insights they have are a combination of personal experience, current best practices as well as focusing more on a fencers needs in their training. They are fully trained professionals and have a broad knowledge in both technical and safety standards provided by the FIE.



Sabre & Foil

I started coaching in 2014. Before this, I was a member of the Australian Team and a member of the national scene for 8 years fencing in places like Budapest, Germany and Scotland. The best part about coaching is seeing students who started with no experience work their way up through state to nationals and internationals.




Qualified as AFF accredited coach in July of 2015. Made it past the first eliminations at AFC#3 one year. Compete at Excalibur’s Masters competition every year. I teach mostly beginners so watching them start with the sport and
progress through to confident fencers. See their love for the sport
grow from the first moment they pick up a weapon. Seeing them go
to a competition and then being proud of their performance
regardless of their result.



Sabre & Foil

Biography coming soon!

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