Our Fencers

Take some time to meet our fencers. They are real people, like you and I, and have devoted a lot of their spare time to the passion of the sport. These individuals represent Western Australia at national events and Australia in International events. They boast a good ranking and have an outstanding reputation with the club.



Womens Sabre RH

I started in 2004. I took up fencing in year 9 since I was looking for another sport to do after school. Saw it advertised in a brochure and decided to give it a stab. I fence on Mondays, Tuesday and Friday nights. Additional cardio and weights 1 – 3 times per week at the gym. Outside fencing, I’m a full-time, office based engineer working in the oil and gas industry. My hobbies outside of fencing include: mountain bike riding, sewing and playing soccer.



Mens Sabre RH

I started fencing in 2007 when I was 5 and fenced ever since. I train 4 times a week, Monday Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. In my spare time I normally study, go out with friends of beg Andrew to let me open the club so I can go to the gym more often . My training is pretty mean stream for a fencer, I do group footwork with the rest of our club and then have a lesson and fence. I fence at Excalibur since 2014 but before that I fenced at L’Espadon back in Reunion Island


Mens Sabre, Foil & Epee RH

I started fencing in 1977 when a friend of mine invited me to his club. I train when I can focusing on my form and technique. On a day to day basis, I work as a Full time Computer Aided Design consultant


Mens Sabre RH

I started fencing in 2004 after Participating in the Uni Sport for kids at the University of WA I joined my local fencing club. I train Monday, Tuesday and Friday along with additional lessons, cardio and gym training. I have a degree in Chemical Engineering and enjoy reading, watching all kinds of sport and playing video games


Womens Sabre RH

I initially started at Notre Dame University (“The Notre Dame Knights”) approximately 20 years ago. I liked the look of the sport and started with Sutherland who was young but loved swords so it was something we could do.  I often go for a run and attend a gym for some additional work.  Outside of fencing, I have a farm in the south west with sheep, cattle and a large garden to manage.



Mens Sabre RH

I started in 2011. Trained foil for my first three years alongside sabre for my second onwards. I train at the club Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. I also do some gym work outside of fencing. When i'm not fencing, i am studying as an Engineering Student at Curtin University.


Womens Sabre RH

I started fencing when my dad introduced it to me. At training I get coached by Andrew x2 a week and join in with group footwork/drills 4x a week. Outside fencing 


Womens Sabre RH

I started fencing in 2004 when I was 8 years old at the same time as my brother and was immediately taken with the sport. I’ve been training at Excalibur ever since. I recently graduated from a bachelor degree majoring in Japanese and Fine Arts. I speak Japanese and have a part time job at a Japanese restaurant. In my spare time I like to read, play games and draw.


Mens Sabre RH

I started fencing in mid 2005. My daughter recommended fencing after wife passed away and took over a fencing membership. The year after there was as masters in Albany and got together as a team in Albany and at the end won gold medal for over 60s and bronze. Outside of fencing I do pilates, qi gong, walking and home gym exercises.

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