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ATTENTION: Register for training before attending.

Hi all, We are advising all fencers and spectators to continue the use of the Heja App. This will the committee a list of attendees inline with COVID-19 safety protocols.  To get started please follow the instructions below on how to use the app: 1. Download the heja app from the app store or Google play.  2. In the prompts, you will be asked to enter your details as well as a team code. You can select from the codes below.  High Performance Fencers:  AQ-013149 Advanced, Intermediate and Adult Beginners Fencers: ZV-167563 Junior Fencers/Junior Beginners: DN-302307 Please note that this is monitored daily. If you are not registered on the app, you will not be able to join the sessions. Any questions please email us at Thank you. 

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