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Under 13 & Under 15 Events at Excalibur on 22 and 23 October

The FencingWA Under 13 and Under 15 Foil and Sabre Final events are being held at Excalibur on the weekend of 22 and 23 October. Excalibur encourages its young fencers to get involved!


Sat 22 Oct 1:00 PM Under 13 Sabre 3:00 PM Under 15 Sabre

Sun 23 Oct 9:00 AM Under 13 Foil 11:00 AM Under 15 Foil

Fencers are considered Under 13 if they were born in 2003 or later and Under 15 if they were born in 2001 or later. Under 13 fencers can enter both events. This is a State level competition, so ranking points won during these events contribute towards determining the State Champions for 2016. As these are Finals, the ranking points are worth 1.5 times the usual amount. Under 13 fencers receive Under 13 ranking points from Under 15 events at 1.8 times the usual amount.

How to Enter

First, make sure the fencer is a Junior Affiliated member of FencingWA using this link ($45). You need to do this even if you don’t enter competitions to cover insurance; it’s mentioned on your Excalibur membership form.

To enter the events themselves, click here. Normal entries (U13 free, U15 $15) close at 10 PM on Sunday 16 October. Late entries ($30) close at 10 PM on Wednesday 19 October.

Make sure you turn up early and fully equipped for competition! This means full safety equipment including breeches and long socks. All FencingWA events use electric equipment. Size 2 electric foils will be available for loan for Under 13 Foil. Ask Andrew, Richie or another senior member of the club if you are unsure. A copy of the FencingWA Competition rules for 2016 can be found here.

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