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Our Coaches

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Steven Lim

Head Coach

A former world championship-level fencer, Lim Teng-Piao aka Steven now dedicates his time to
coaching ambitious fencers aspiring to reach the pinnacle of their game. Although he values tangible results, his fundamental principle is to foster humble, confident, disciplined, and hard-working individuals.

In 1997, Steven acquired his coaching certification and swiftly made his mark by coaching at the
Asian Cadet and Junior Fencing Championships within a span of five years. With a specialisation in teaching foil and sabre, he has been coaching some of Australia’s top fencers since 2005, at
prestigious competitions such as the World, Asian, Commonwealth, and Oceania championships.
Many of his athletes have consistently won national and state championships.

Furthermore, Steven was an FIE (International Fencing Federation) accredited "B" referee across all
three weapons. He officiated at prominent events including World Cups, World Grand Prix, Olympic Qualifiers, Asian Championships, and Commonwealth Championships. He also served on the Fencing Confederation of Asia (FCA) Refereeing Sub-Committee for one season.

During his active fencing career, Steven achieved the title of Ohio Intercollegiate champion and
qualified for the NCAA finals as a scholar-athlete at The Ohio State University in the USA. He also
won the SE Asian gold medal twice, reached the top-16 at the Asian Games, and became a seven-
time Malaysian foil national champion. His extensive competitive experience extends to the World
Championships, World University Games, Asian Games, SE Asian Games, Commonwealth Championships, and World Cups, competing at both junior and senior levels.

Early on in his fencing journey, Steven received guidance from esteemed coaches hailing from
Hungarian and Romanian backgrounds. However, it was Master Jung, the 1984 South Korean
Olympic Head Coach, who played a pivotal role in mentoring and shaping his path. Over the past decade at Excalibur, Steven has trained and produced numerous Australian champions and representatives, while also nurturing and mentoring level one coaches with official

In a little-known venture, Steven showcased his creative prowess by directing and choreographing
the duelling scenes in the theatrical production of Dangerous Liaisons at the Actor's Studio in Kuala Lumpur.


Outside of fencing, Steven pursues a career in the digital marketing industry and enjoys playing golf.

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Enrique Reyes

Foil Coach

Enrique started fencing in 1997, fell in love with the sport, and found himself dominating the university fencing competitions in the Philippines. He was the captain of his university's fencing team winning multiple national level tournaments in all three weapons and has been recognised as one of the top foilists of his time.

Enrique's extensive competition experience as a fencer and his love and passion for the sport enabled him to share his knowledge and experience to hundreds of students over the years having been the coach in a community fencing club, a PhysEd fencing instructor for a high school, and head coach for his own fencing club.

You will know when Enrique is fencing as there is usually a distinct joyful noise in the venue. He hopes that every fencer he teaches will be encouraged to not just learn how to fence but be passionate about the sport.

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HyeonJoon Scott Lim

Sabre Coach

Scott has been training at a competitive level in sabre since he was 13. He competed at many national & international tournaments, winning many medals for his native S. Korea the top men's sabre team in the world.


His biggest accomplishment was winning a bronze medal at the 2007 Asian Junior Fencing Championships in Taipei. Professionally trained in sabre since he began fencing, Scott subsequently attained a scholarship to attend DongEui university fencing team which was the top varsity sabre team in South Korea. During this time, he was with the national South Korean sabre backup squad. Members of the first team won the historic Gold medal at the 2012  London Olympic Games.

Scott's speciality in sabre focuses on elite competition preparation, sabre techniques and tactics for optimum results. 


Vicky Perrio

Sabre Coach

Originally from Guernsey, I started fencing sabre at the age of 15 and instantly fell in love with the sport. I was fortunate to train under world class fencing coaches including Fraser Ward, Chris Buxton, Csaba Kun and former British Olympic coach Péter Fröhlich. During this time I attended training camps in both Guernsey and Hungary as well as the Junior Commonwealth Games in Cape Town.


In 2015 I left Guernsey and began fencing with Cardiff University, where I was elected Women's Captain of the very talented University fencing team. Upon leaving university I began coaching sessions and individual lessons in sabre and foil at Cardiff Academy of Fencing as well as running sessions at Cardiff University. Recently moving to WA, I am very excited to continue coaching talented fencers alongside the team at Excalibur.


Jon Allard

Beginners Coach

Jon is currently one of our level 1 foil coach and has started coaching since July of 2015. As one of the clubs lifetime members, Jon is a friendly face in the club and was ranked 2nd in the 2021 Veteran Foil. 

One of Jon's accomplishments is watching the growth of the students of all age groups from 6 to 60 plus. From holding their first weapon, to their first bout, then first competition to first medal. See the student’s horizons expand and change as the they build confidence in themselves and their abilities. 

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