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Member Protection Information Officers

We are pleased to announce that we now have two Member Protection Information Officers (MPIOs)! Having MPIOs at our Club is important for our committee, coaches, volunteers and members. They allow us to build a safe / enjoyable sporting environment and helps to improve awareness of child protection. Their role is to be the first point of contact for a person reporting a complaint. Our MPIOs will provide information about the rights, responsibilities, and options available to an individual making a complaint. Both of our MPIOs are club members who joined us in 2021 and are not committee members or coaches. Your contact with an MPIO will remain confidential.

Marta Marchwicka

Marta is a sabre fencer who started out her training in Poland at an early age. After working in Poland and England, she moved to Perth in 2020 and joined  Excalibur Fencing Club to restart her training after a lengthy break. In her free time Marta is a keen reader and plant grower who enjoys traveling and outdoor activities.  

Contact Marta on or speak to her in person at the club
Andrew Pascoe
Andrew is a recent convert to fencing, trying his hand as a foilist.  Along with seven of his children, he enjoys the challenge of learning in the fun environment at Excalibur Fencing Club. When not fencing, he is managing a busy household and enjoys a good coffee. 
Contact Andrew on or speak to him in person at the club.
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