Welcome to Excalibur Community Fencing Club

This is the web site of Excalibur Community Fencing Club, located in Beaconsfield in the south west metropolitan area of Perth, Western Australia. The club meets four times a week during the school term and has members spanning the primary school to older adult age range. Excalibur is the most successful fencing club in Western Australia, with its fencers consistently winning more State Championships and medals at National level than any other club.

Monday 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Tuesday 7:00 – 9:00 PM
Friday 7:00 – 8:30 PM
Saturday 1:00 – 2:30 PM Sabre, 2:30 – 4:00 PM Foil

The Programme page has full details of when we meet, but here are the first term’s dates and times for 2015:

Term 1
Monday Tuesday Friday Saturday
Start 2/2/2015 3/2/2015 6/2/2015 7/2/2015
Finish 30/3/2015 31/3/2015 27/3/2015 28/3/2015

To learn more about us, see the About page. If you are interested in taking up fencing, please contact us using the Enquiries form. To find out exactly where we are, use the Location page. Fees are listed on the Membership page.

Excalibur Community Fencing Club is grateful for the support provided by our Sponsors.

Activity Day Sunday 25 October

Excalibur is hosting an Activity Day on Sunday 25 October at South Fremantle Senior High School Gym with the following novelty fencing events:


Sunday 15 September

9:30 Open doors
10:00 Epoil – fast and furious blend of foil and epee (electric foil equipment, no right of way, 3 points for on target hit, 1 point for off target, 1 minute to score 15 points)
12:00 Sausage Sizzle
12:30Game of Thrones – family or “family” teams of 3, all fencers fence all weapons (electric) – special trophy!
2:30 Sabre Doubles – 2 per team, 4 fencers on piste at once! (electric)

All fencers are welcome from all clubs. There are no entry fees, just contact Richie to let us know you are coming.

Excalibur open on 1 June

Excalibur will be open as normal for an evening session on the Monday public holiday on 1 June 2015.

Excalibur Masters 2015 Schedule Changes

Please note that the time slots for the Sunday events for Excalibur Masters 2015 have been swapped. Epee is now in the morning at 9:00 and Sabre is in the afternoon at 2:00.

Excalibur apologises for any inconvenience caused by the late notice. If you are unable to fence an event due to this change, that entry fee will be refunded.

Excalibur Masters 2015

The Excalibur Masters Competition will be held on 18 and 19 April this year. This is an annual standalone event for all fencers 30 years and over. Fencers over 40 will receive FencingWA Veteran ranking points for their overall placings.

Schedule of events

Saturday 18 April
Foil 12:30 pm

Sunday 19 April
Sabre Epee 9:00 am <- Changed!
$2 sausage sizzle for lunch
Epee Sabre 2:00 pm <- Changed!

Team events to follow individual events, subject to numbers and time permitting. Teams drawn by random selection.

Please use the entry form.

Excalibur Masters Competition 2014

The Excalibur Masters Competition will be held on 26 and 27 April this year. This is an annual standalone event for all fencers 30 years and over. Fencers over 40 will receive FencingWA Veteran ranking points for their overall placings.

Schedule of events

Saturday 26 April
Foil 12:30 pm

Sunday 27 April
Sabre 9:00 am
$2 sausage sizzle for lunch
Epee 2:00 pm

Team events to follow individual events, subject to numbers and time permitting. Teams drawn by random selection.

Entries close 24 April 2014. Please use the entry form.

Updated Rules for 2014

FIE and FencingWA have updated rules for 2014. Please familiarise yourself with these changes, particularly if you may be called upon to referee or DT during the year. You may find the following resources useful.

FencingWA Competition Rules 23 February 2014
FIE Technical Rules (English) January 2014
FIE Penalties/Cards (English)
FIE Organisational Rules (English) January 2014
FIE Material Rules (English) 16.1

Changes are indicated with vertical bars in the margins of all documents except the Penalties/Cards one. However, the Technical Rules document also includes the penalties with the changes marked.

Message from FencingWA

Just in case you didn’t receive the email, here is a message from FencingWA to start the year:

Dear all,

Happy new year and welcome to Fencing in Western Australia for 2014. This is just a quick note to remind you of some important fencing and competition related items of note:

1. Please remember to pay your affiliation fees using SportingPulse. To do so, visit our new web page at http://www.fencingwa.com/ and click on the Payment button in the top right. Any problems, please e-mail me at wafaweb at yahoo dot com.

Note that all fencers should AFFILIATE ($30) to (a) be part of the FencingWA community, and (b) ensure that they are covered by the appropriate insurance, (c) participate in any FencingWA activities (including U13 events).

Those fencers who either (a) are competing in under 15 events or above in WA, or (b) wish to participate in any national event, should also pay their CAPITATION fee (which covers AFF Capitation).

2. Please note that a fee will be charged for competition entries this year, with the funds going back into raising the standards of competition and refereeing. The fee will be $5 per event for entries received on time (ie. by the Monday before competition) and $10 for entries made up to the Friday before the event. A late fee of $20 per event will be charged if competitors turn up on the day that have not entered properly. We are investigating alternative entry procedures, but until an alternative mechanism is confirmed, payments can be made using the usual SportingPulse payment portal. A confirmation e-mail should be sent using the competition registry page found under the competitions menu at http://www.fencingwa.com/

3. Please note that weapons testing will continue to apply in 2014. Non-compliant weapons (weight, gauge or overall functionality or safety) will not be allowed to be used in competition.

4. For all U13 foil and epee competitions FencingWA policy is that size 2 weapons should be used (there is some scope to use size 3 if provided by a club, to accommodate the transition but please do not purchase a size 3 weapon as this may not be acceptable in future).

5. Please check the FencingWA competition rule book which should be available at http://www.fencingwa.com/#!downloads/c1xvs in the downloads section. Other FencingWA policies can also be found at this location.

6. Please also note that the FIE rules have been updated and are available from http://britishfencing.com/uploads/files/book_t_jan_2014.pdf.

7. Follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/fencingwa/) and Twitter (@FencingWA)

8. Finally, we need volunteers. In particular, the Association needs a secretary and/or someone to help with communications. This is an extremely important and rewarding job and is at the heart of what we do. If you are interested in helping out in this, or any, capacity, please contact me on wafaweb at yahoo dot com

Kind regards,

Ben Peden

President, FencingWA

Fencing Starts 4 February

Please note that the first day Excalibur is running this year is Tuesday 4 February. See the Programme page for all term dates this year.

FencingWA Ranking Survey

With the reduced number of events in the WA calendar next year particularly for younger fencers, the rankings system needed changes in order to work well. A set of ranking mechanisms has been developed to deal with these new circumstances, and to introduce more consistency between the various tables where possible and appropriate. Please provide your opinion on these proposed changes.

Note that it is your opinion of the various rankings systems that is sought (assuming that we have a reduced-event calendar in 2014), not your opinion on the reduction in number of events itself.

This survey closes on Monday 16 December, so you will need to respond in the next few days. Please pass on this link to anyone in the fencing community who you think should see it.


Edit: Many of the responses in the WA ranking survey are mixing up the concept of “given the ranking events in the 2014 calendar, what do you think of this ranking system?” (the question being asked) with “what do you think of the ranking events in the 2014 calendar?” (the question some of you apparently want to be asked). There is a new survey asking about the main contentious areas, the inclusion of FSI and the reduction in the number of events. For, against or neutral, please have a go at this one too.


Session times for Saturday 14 December

Saturday 14 December is a special end-of year session that will include various fun things and culminating with our Annual General Meeting and Club Awards. All fencers, parents, etc. are welcome!

1:00 to 3:00 – Fencing fun session (all weapons)
3:00 to 4:00 – Annual General Meeting and Club Awards

FencingWA Awards Night 2013

The West Australian Fencing Association invites all fencers and families to the 2013 Awards Presentation and Social Evening hosted by UWA Fencing Club from 6:00 PM on Saturday 30 November 2013. Please check out the invitation for details. Gary Sudran is handling ticket sales for Excalibur, so please see him or use the registration form at the Excalibur front desk before 15 November.

Updated FencingWA Activity Weekend Schedule

New timetable for the final Activity Weekend of 2013, updated as of 29 October. Please note these are fencing start times, be there 30-45 minutes earlier for registration and warmup.

Saturday 2 November
9:45 U13 Épée Final (electric, size 2 blades)
11:30 U13 Sabre Final (electric)

Sunday 3 November
9:45 U13 Foil Final (non-electric)

UWA Fencing Club
UWA International Martial Arts Centre
Corner Princess and Goldsworthy Road

Time Change for Special Opening Saturday 28 September

Please note that to minimise the clash with the AFL Grand Final, the special fencing session this Saturday has been moved to start at 11:30 AM. This is a “set up and fence” session only, but all fencers are welcome.

FencingWA Rankings and Results

The new FencingWA web page now has the results and rankings working and up to date. There is also a copy of the results and rankings on the Excalibur server in case of any interruption to service.

Excalibur Top Ten Rankings

Open Men’s Foil: 4 Steve Johnson, 7 Alasdair Dunham, 8 Luke Mitchell
Open Women’s Foil: 2 Kate Duff, 5 Louise Johnson, 6= Abi Lee
Open Men’s Sabre: 1 Sutherlan Scudds, 2 Zak Leonhard, 3 Jadryn Dick, 4 Andrew Scott, 8 Steve Johnson, 10 Hamish Graham
Open Women’s Sabre: 1 Lisa Blyth, 5 Tori Leonhard, 7 Louise Johnson, 8 Abi Lee, 9= Isobelle McCrackan, 9= Freya North-Hickey
Open Women’s Epee: 7 Abi Lee

Veteran Men’s Foil: 1 Steve Johnson, 2 Gary Sudran, 4 Richie Kuhaupt, 5 Jon Allard, 6 Jake North-Hickey
Veteran Men’s Sabre: 2 Steve Johnson, 3 Gary Sudran, 4 Richie Kuhaupt, 6 Max Lebedev, 8 Paul Jewell, 9 Jon Allard
Veteran Men’s Epee: 2 Steve Johnson, 3 Gary Sudran
Veteran Master-at-Arms: 1 Steve Johnson, 2 Gary Sudran, 4 Richie Kuhaupt, 10 Jon Allard

Junior Men’s Foil: 1 Alasdair Dunham, 5 Tom Harvey, 8= Felix North-Hickey, 8= Joel Waddell
Junior Women’s Foil: 1 Kate Duff, 2 Abi Lee, 3 Louise Johnson
Junior Men’s Sabre: 1 Jadryn Dick, 2 Hamish Graham, 7 Jake Williams, 8 Felix North-Hickey
Junior Women’s Sabre: 3 Tori Leonhard, 4 Abi Lee, 5 Louise Johnson, 6 Freya North-Hickey, 7 Isobelle McCrackan
Junior Women’s Epee: 2 Abi Lee

Cadet Men’s Foil: 5 Tom Harvey, 6 Ethan Beales, 9 Jay English, 10= Josh Berthold
Cadet Women’s Foil: 2 Louise Johnson
Cadet Men’s Sabre: 3 Jake Williams, 5 Felix North-Hickey, 8 Daniel Monaco
Cadet Women’s Sabre: 2 Tori Leonhard, 3 Louise Johnson, 4 Freya North-Hickey, 5 Isobelle McCrackan
Cadet Men’s Epee: 7 Juri Hammi
Cadet Women’s Epee: 3 Louise Johnson, 4 Emma Johnson

U15 Boys’ Foil: 4 Tom Harvey, 9 Luke Bradley, 10= Ethan Beales, 10= Seth Nylund
U15 Girls’ Foil: 1 Louise Johnson
U15 Boys’ Sabre: 1 Jake Williams, 4= Daniel Monaco, 4= Felix North-Hickey, 9 Alex Brown
U15 Girls’ Sabre: 1 Louise Johnson, 2= Freya North-Hickey, 2= Isobelle McCrackan
U15 Boys’ Epee: 6= Juri Hammi
U15 Girls’ Epee: 1 Louise Johnson, 3 Emma Johnson

U13 Boys’ Foil: 1 Sol Kubalsky, 4 Oscar Wilson, 5= Seth Nylund, 5= Liam Williams
U13 Girls’ Foil: 1 Emma Johnson, 3 Maddie Vandeness
U13 Boys’ Sabre: 2 Alex Brown, 5 Liam Williams
U13 Girls’ Sabre: 1 Emma Johnson, 2 Isobelle McCrackan
U13 Girls’ Epee: 2 Emma Johnson, 3 Isobelle McCrackan

Excalibur currently has top-ranked fencers in 14 categories.

Special Opening Saturday 28 September

Normal Term 3 dates at Excalibur end this Friday 27 September. However, the premises will be opened next Saturday from 1 PM 11:30 AM. This is not a normal session, just the premises open for fencing. Although this is primarily to let the Juniors get some practice in prior to Nationals, all are welcome to come and fence. The more sparring partners for the Juniors, the better.

Referees and Spectators

A recent incident has perhaps highlighted the need for increased awareness among some parents of the relevant rules and conventions associated with referees and spectators of our sport. The following discussion aims to clearly lay out these matters in order to prevent any further misunderstandings.

The first point to discuss is the role of the referee, which is described in the FIE rules:

t.34. 1. By accepting a position as referee or judge, the person so designated pledges his honour to respect the Rules and to cause them to be respected, and to carry out his duties with the strictest impartiality and absolute concentration.

Refereeing in Australia is essentially a voluntary task; sometimes expenses are covered, sometimes not, but nobody is going to make a living at it. Refereeing is also difficult. In terms of judging the actions, it requires not only impartiality and absolute concentration, but also a good understanding of the rules and their application. It also requires observation of multiple things at the same time, an ordering of those events into correct sequence, and the ability to communicate that sequence back to the fencers.

With all the benefit of modern technology it’s still practically impossible to get all this right all of the time. Even when that happens, it is highly likely that some fencers and observers will still be convinced mistakes have been made. Throw in the need to observe and communicate with sometimes inattentive or unsure hand judges, and you can see that volunteering to referee an Under 13 non-electric foil competition is a fairly heroic undertaking. However, that’s not all the referee has to do:

t.96. 1. The Referee is responsible not only for the direction of the bout, the judging of hits and the checking of equipment, but equally for the maintenance of order in the bouts which he is refereeing.

According to the long-standing conventions of the sport, the referee is absolute ruler on the piste, in the same way that an airline pilot or ship’s captain has authority over everyone on board. Below the referee come judges, team captains, fencers, coaches, and finally spectators. The only authority over the referee at an event is the Directoire Technique (DT; the person or group of people running the event which may include a supervising referee). Even then, that authority exists only under certain specific and limited circumstances, such as an official appeal by a fencer who believes a rule has been applied incorrectly. However, judgements by the referee over the facts of what occurred on the piste are final:

t.95. 2. No decision on a question of fact can be the subject of an appeal.

The rules also discuss the roles of the various other lower-level participants, such as judges, team managers, team captains and fencers. Coaches? They only get one mention in the rules, and that just informs them that they are expected to stay in their boxes during matches. What about spectators?

t.82. 1. [all persons who take part in or attend a fencing competition, including the spectators] must observe strictly and faithfully the Rules and the Statutes of the FIE, the particular rules for the competition in which they are engaged, the traditional customs of courtesy and integrity and the instructions of the officials.

t.93. Spectators are obliged not to interfere with the good order of a competition, to do nothing which may tend to influence the fencers or the Referee, and to respect the decisions of the latter even when they do not agree with them. They must obey any instructions which the Referee may deem it necessary to give them.

So it’s clear that the referee is in charge; what they say goes, and this applies even more so to spectators than it does to fencers. Fencers have a strictly limited right of appeal. Other participants, including spectators, have none.

If you’re a spectator (although this is by tradition and not specified in the rules so a referee can rule otherwise), you may cheer on your team or fencer between points, or even during points if something particularly exciting is happening. What you definitely can’t do is to offer the fencers advice during a bout or criticise the referee:

t.82. 3. Everybody taking part in or present at a fencing competition must remain orderly and must not disturb the smooth running of the competition. During bouts no one is allowed to go near the pistes, to give advice to the fencers, to criticise the Referee or the judges, to insult them or to attempt to influence them in any way.

This is both black and white in the rules and part of the traditional customs of courtesy in fencing. As a spectator, you must not engage a referee in a debate on any subject, any more than you would presume to argue with a pilot about the way in which the plane is being flown. The referee has not only the right to stamp on any such disturbances of good order, but the explicit responsibility to do so:

The Referee must stop immediately any activity which disturbs the smooth running of the bout which he is refereeing.

The rules also specify exactly what the referee should do about such disturbances:

t.118. 3. Any person not on the piste who disturbs the good order of the competition receives:
a) On the first infringement, a warning, indicated by a YELLOW CARD, valid for the whole of the competition, which must be noted on the bout score-sheet and recorded by the Directoire Technique;
b) At the second infringement during the same competition a BLACK CARD.

So if you have shouted “Go forward” or “Parry-riposte” to your fencer during a bout and received a polite request to desist rather than a yellow card, consider yourself fortunate. If you have also criticised the referee’s decisions at the same event and not received a black card (immediate expulsion from the event and possible further sanctions), consider yourself doubly fortunate.

It doesn’t matter if the referee is a small teenage girl and you’re the Prime Minister of Australia; on the piste that girl is absolute monarch and you’re a serf. Ultimately, as a spectator, including a coaching or parental spectator, the rules and conventions demand that you respect what the referee says and keep quiet about it. If you’re uncomfortable with that relationship, then perhaps being a fencing spectator is not for you.

Understanding the above is particularly important at events attended by young fencers who may observe disorderly or disrespectful actions by parents and consider them normal or permissible. In our sport, they are not.

Updated Schedule for FencingWA Cadet/Veteran 3

Due to the Federal election on 7 September, Belmont is unavailable that day. The timetable is now as follows:


Saturday 7 September

1:00 Veteran Foil at Cavaliers (ECU Mt Lawley Gym)
1:30 Cadet Sabre at Excalibur (South Fremantle High School)

Sunday 8 September

All events will be held at Belmont.
9:00 Veteran Epee
10:00 Cadet Foil
12:00 Cadet Epee
1:00 Veteran Sabre

FencingWA Activity Weekend 2

The second FencingWA Activity Weekend for 2013 is hosted by Excalibur Community Fencing Club and will be held on 14 and 15 September at South Fremantle Senior High School Gym. This includes Under 13 events in all weapons and some great fun events open to all.


Saturday 14 September

1:00 FencingWA Under 13 Foil (non-electric)
2:00 Sabre Doubles – 2 per team, 4 fencers on piste at once! (electric)

Sunday 15 September

9:00 FencingWA Under 13 Epee (electric, size 3 blades)
11:00 Mixed Weapon Teams – teams of 3, all fencers fence all weapons (electric)

12:00 Sausage Sizzle – $3 for a hot dog and soft drink, $3 for novelty illuminated water

1:00 FencingWA Under 13 Sabre (electric)
2:00 Eppoil – fast and furious blend of foil and epee (electric foil equipment, no right of way, 3 points for on target hit, 1 point for off target, 1 minute to score 15 points)

The event flyer can be found here.

Financial Support for Young Excalibur Fencers

Excalibur Community Fencing Club, in conjunction with Progressive Home Tutors, has developed a sponsorship fund to provide financial support to Excalibur Junior and Cadet Fencers who wish to enter National fencing competitions. The sponsorship will apply to National Cadet and National Junior Championships as well as some National Senior events that Junior and Cadet Fencers enter.

Our starting point will be the National Cadet Championships in Sydney this July, where we will reimburse $300 of the expenses of each Excalibur member who participates. For the National Junior Championships in Perth in October 2013, the support is $100 for each Excalibur participating Fencer. Finally for 2013, those Juniors and Cadets taking part in the National Senior Championships in Canberra in December 2013 will receive support of $300 each.

The club wants to provide as much opportunity as possible to help young fencers into higher level competition and to encourage them to continue. It is expected that this program will continue into 2014 where we may be able to expand the support to include more National Senior Tournaments.

For more details speak with Richie or Gary.

Progressive Home Tutors

Excalibur Masters Competition 2013

The Excalibur Masters Competition will be held on 27 and 28 April this year. This is an annual standalone event for all fencers 30 years and over.

Medals will be awarded for overall places, and for each age group: 30s, 40s, 50s and 60+. This year, overall placings are eligible for WAFA Veteran ranking points for those fencers aged 40 and over. Level 2 FIE equipment is not required. Conductive bib is required for foil. Entry fee is $25 plus $10 per weapon up to a maximum of $50.

Saturday 27 April

Foil 12:30 pm
BBQ at Richie’s home at 1/16 Mather Rd, BYO drinks

Sunday 28 April

Sabre 9:00 am
$2 sausage sizzle for lunch
Epee 2:00 pm

Team events to follow individual events, subject to numbers and time permitting. Teams drawn by random selection.

Entries close on 19 April 2013. Full details are provided on the entry form.